Welcome to your Cultural Arts Center!

Welcome to the Yorba Linda Cultural Arts Center, the Parks and Recreation Department’s new state of the art facility.  The Cultural Arts Center and Virginia De Land Theater will be home to arts programs and events for participants of all ages and serve as a gathering space for local community arts groups.   

Art Gallery

A B linear gallery weaves along the southside of the Arts Center, linking the Art Studio, Black Box Theater, and Dance Studio, providing a warm and inviting space for residents before and after programs and performances.  Today, the Gallery features photos of the site throughout the construction process; in the future it will showcase rotating artwork from Arts Center programs and local artists.  The Gallery, in combination with the paseo, will serve event rentals and theater productions as intermission and gathering spaces. 

Tidbit: All the spaces in the building can access the Virginia De Land Theater without using the Gallery. This allows the various spaces to support theatrical functions, such as dressing rooms, staging areas, and storage, as demanded by productions.

Art Studio

The Art Studio anchors the Lakeview approach to the campus, and provides ample storage, pin-up walls, and natural light. At the front of the space, a C soaring Arts Lantern will serve as a beacon to the community, displaying the wide range of arts programming available. Additionally, a D shaded Art Yard with a translucent shaded trellis accessed from the northside of the space includes both kilns and sinks for sculpture and pottery.  

Tidbit: The room is extremely reconfigurable to segregate or combine the three different zones of the space – the lantern, the studio, and the yard.

Dance Studio

Complementing the Art Studio, the Dance Studio anchors the east end of the paseo. Here, the rising roofline results in a large dance studio with E integrated mirror/ballet bar walls, as well as a F sliding glass wall out to the community amphitheater, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The Dance Studio will host a variety of the Parks and Recreation Department’s dance and specialty fitness classes.  

Tidbit: The floor in the dance studio is a complicated assembly of maple hardwood, engineered wood sublayers, and different foam fills to provide a literal spring in one’s step while dampening the impact of dance and exercise movements.

Virginia De Land Theater

The centerpiece of the Arts Center is the Virginia De Land Theater, a hyperflexible black box theater with robust functionality to support a variety of performance mediums and events, including plays, recitals, concerts, and other performance art. Named for Yorba Linda Civic Light Opera founder Virginia De Land, the generally raw space is embellished with a G sophisticated layering of dark, rich tones and beautiful yet high-performing acoustic treatments to make a one-of-a-kind space for the community.  A combination of H retractable seating and customizable seating risers allow for flexible seating configurations. The theater is complemented by a I Music Room, which can be used as a green room for performances. 

Tidbit: The blue banners on the walls are made of acoustically transparent fabric concealing a series underlying panels engineered to simultaneously absorb and reflect different sound frequencies within the space to provide a more balanced sound and “tune” the room.