Library Lockers

The Yorba Linda Public Library is now offering self-service Hold Pickup Lockers located outside by our book returns. Accessible 24/7, this pickup option allows you to collect holds at your convenience.

How to Place Locker Holds

Place Hold Online
• Browse our library catalog to find the materials you would like to hold.
• Select the green "Place hold" button and a drop down menu will appear.
• Using the "Pickup at" option, select "Hold Pickup Lockers--Library"

If you have accessibility concerns, please email us at

Email Confirmation
You will receive an email notification once your items are ready for pickup at the lockers. Be sure to bring your library card.

Pickup from Locker
The Hold Pickup Lockers are located at the east end of the library next to the outdoor book returns. For your convenience, the lockers are accessible 24/7.

How to Collect Locker Holds

Scan Library Card
• Scan your library card or input the card number using the touchscreen keypad.
• A list of items will appear* and a locker will open automatically.

*If a red bar appears and a locker does not open, fines may be due on your account.

Collect Items
• Print your receipt.
• Collect your items and close the locker door.

Locker FAQ

What are Hold Pickup Lockers?
Hold Pickup Lockers are a self-service locker system that allows patrons to check out items they have placed on hold in a convenient, contact free method, with 24/7 access.

Where are the Hold Pickup Lockers Located and when can I use them?
Hold Pickup Lockers are located at the east end of the building just in front of the book drop drive way. Hold Pickup Lockers are available 24/7.

Who can use this service?
Those with a valid Yorba Linda Public Library card are able to use the Hold Pickup Lockers. To ensure that your request is placed within the lockers, make sure to select the “Hold Pickup Lockers - Library” as your pickup location when you place your hold request online.

How long are my items held for?
To ensure that all patrons have equal access to the Hold Pickup Lockers, all requests will be held for 3 days.

Will I lose my hold items if I don’t pick them up in time?
Yes, if the items are not picked up within 3 days of the system hold notification, the hold will expire and the item will be held for the next patron in the queue.

I only want some of the items in the locker. Can I pick which items to check out?
No. All items held in your locker will be checked out to you. If you no longer need an item, simply drop it in one of our book drops to return it.

I cannot reach very high or low places. How can I access my items?
We are more than happy to help. After placing your hold requests, please email us at

I am unable to check out my held items at the Hold Pickup Locker? How do I get help?
There may be a variety of reasons why you cannot checkout your items, which may include: overdue fines, an expired account, too many items checked out, or other system blocks. If you need assistance with your account, please email us at

Can I put Library of Things materials on hold?
Due to space constraints of the lockers, not all materials will be accessible for library locker retrieval, this includes the Library of Things.

Can I use my I.D. to check out at the Lockers?
No, only a valid library card or card number may be used for locker checkouts.

I clicked Place Hold but was not given the option to choose lockers as my pick up location. How do I place a hold for the lockers?
If you are not given the option to select a pick up location after clicking Place Hold, please disable Single-Click holds on your account. To disable, click on your username up in the right-hand corner and choose the option "My Settings". In the second section you will see an option for "Holds and Pickup Location". Click on the word "Change" to edit your preferences.