Homebound Reader Service

What is Homebound Reader Service?
Unable to visit the library? Then let the library come to you! The Homebound Reader Service allows qualifying homebound Yorba Linda residents to receive library materials straight to their door.

Who can receive Homebound Reader Service?
You are eligible if you:
· Live in the City of Yorba Linda
· Are temporarily or permanently homebound
· Lack transportation or are unable to physically visit the library
· Already have a Yorba Linda Public Library card (if you do not have an active library card, a Homebound Reader library card will be issued to you upon approval)

How does it work?

  • Apply

    Interested patrons can fill out the Homebound Reader Application below detailing your reading interests, favorite genres and authors.

  • Await Approval

    Once approved for the service, Homebound Readers will be notified that they are being issued a Homebound Reader library card. The Homebound Reader library card is free, and delivered via USPS courtesy of the Library.

  • Materials Mailed

    A librarian will prepare a mailing package of requested items to be mailed to the reader. A maximum of five items per bag can be mailed. Please note that there may be a delay on newer, more popular items.

  • Return Materials

    Readers may receive a new bag as soon as the current one is returned. The check-out period for each item is 6 weeks. The items can be renewed if no one is waiting for them.

Which types of materials are available?
Books, audiobooks and educational DVDs. It is not possible to check out any Lucky Day materials, special collection items, reference books, magazines, or newspapers.

How are materials selected?
· You will fill out a detailed application about reading interests, including favorite genres and authors, and a librarian will personally select materials just for you!
· Materials available via this service are print and/or large print books, audiobooks, educational DVDs and paperbacks. Please note that we are not able to ship large or heavy books.
· You are welcome to make specific item requests via the library’s catalog or a librarian can select titles based on your reading profile.

How do I apply for Homebound Reader Services?
Fill out the online application below or call (714) 777-2873.