Tween Book Challenge

The Tween Book Challenges will give students in 4th – 8th grades a chance to read exciting new books and compete with each other in a game-show-like format by answering questions about the books on the list. Tweens will have a list of 3 books each month for August, September, and October. There will be a different book list for each division: 4th through 6th grade, and 6th through 8th grade. Students in 6th grade may participate in either category. They may come to the Challenges after reading one or all of the books on the list. They may attend one, several, or all of the Challenges. In November, the competition will include all 9 books for a MEGA Tween Book Challenge! Tween Book Challenges will resume in January, February, and March, with another MEGA Tween Book Challenge in April. The ULTIMATE Tween Book Challenge will be in May, which will include questions from all 18 books!

The purpose of the Tween Book Challenges is to foster the love of reading, and to expose tweens to a variety of titles from different genres. Tween Book Challenges will include games, snacks, creative ways to form teams, friendly competition, and LOTS OF FUN!


Advantages of Tween Book Challenges

• 9 opportunities to compete
• Make new friends
• No registration
• Promotes teamwork
• Fosters a love of reading
• Improves comprehension skills
• Increases vocabulary skills
• Increases reading level