Some of the First Things

Some of the First Things

by Bertha Brooks

Yorba Linda Women’s Club – 1914



The first orange grove planted in Yorba Linda was by Edwin Simmans of Bisbee, Arizona. The work was done by Fred Quigley and Hoyt Corbit in April, 1910.

The first lemon grove was planted on Block 5, Lot 5 owned by Mr. Haag, who did his own work and boarded with Mrs. Moffet.

Water for the pioneer settlers was hauled in barrels or carried in buckets from the Anaheim ditch or the Santa Fe pumping plant, or dipped from the large reservoir.

The first passenger on the Pacific Electric from Pillsbury to Yorba Linda was H. E. Trueblood. It being the first trip the conductor did not know what the fare would be so charged Mr. Trueblood ten cents (10cts) for his first ride on the first trip of the little “Peanut Roaster.” This was early in July, 1910. He was coming to work, as a carpenter on the home being built for N. T. Brooks, which was sold to Joseph Tate, but is now owned by Fred Johnson.

The first round trip ticked sold to Los Angeles from Yorba Linda was purchased by N. T. Brooks.

The first half fare round trip ticked was sold from Yorba Linda to Loftus to Edwin Brooks.

The first school teacher in Yorba Linda was Miss Amanda Longnecker.

The first pupil to attend school from Yorba Linda was Miss Gladys Conley, who went to Olinda.

The first Christmas tree was in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Brooks. A program of home talent was given by the members of the Trueblood, Eidson, Conley, and Brooks’ families, who formed on the company on this memorable Christmas, 1910. Mrs. Santa Claus arrived on the scene to the delight of the children.

The coldest weather and most severe Santa Ana storms visited Yorba Linda during December, 1912 and January, 1913. The mercury falling as low by the government thermometer on the ranch of Mr. Watson Walker, as 26 degrees. People spent several nights running water through nursery stock of keeping bonfires going to protect trees.

The hills to the north were white with hail, for a part of the forenoon Feb. 19, 1913.

Our first high school graduate was Miss Gladys Conley, who graduated June 24, 1914 at Fullerton, having driven the four terms in an open rig. Now we have a bus, having voted in the affirmative Oct. 3, 1914. The vote was eleven against and eighty-five for.

The Chamber of Commerce was organized Feb. 10, 1913. Officers elected

President T B. Welch

Vice President G. C. Kinsman

Sec. & Treas. Walter G. Cope

A committee was appointed to make arrangements for a fruit display at San Bernardino. Com. Mr. Albertson, Mr. Vernon, Mr. Miller.

The Ladies Circle was organized April, 13, 1911 with the unlucky number of 13 members. First Pres. Was Mrs. Johnson.

An old fashioned literary society was organized during the winter of 1912 but died before many meetings had past. Mrs. Julia Vernon was the first President.

Citrus Assoc. was organized.

Yorba Linda Federation of Women was organized, February 22, 1912 with nine members. Mrs. Vernon was the first President.

The first social was held in the school house, Oct. 13, 1911, pumpkin pie, ginger bread and coffee were served.

The first practicing physician was Dr. Marshburn of Whittier.

The first roads accepted by the county were Yorba Linda Boulevard, Lakeview Drive to where it intersect Yorba Linda Boulevard and Citrus Drive.

The first barber shop was in the blacksmith ship in charge of Harry Williams.

The first music teacher on the tract, Mr. Heinrique.

The first china painter was Mrs. Emma Haag.

The first Deglet Noor Palm was planted on Block 8, Lot 3 owned by Walter Cope thus giving the street its name. It was one from a shipment of 1000 palms sent to Coachella Valley, presented to Mr. Cope by . . . who was an interested party in the shipment.

The first funeral was that of Homer Stewart, May, 1911, at their home.

The first funeral in the church was that of Mortimer S. Gillett.

The first wedding was that of Ruby Speer to Ray Perry. The ceremony was performed in Los Angeles by Judge Wilbur.

The first church on the tract was built by the Friends in the summer of 1912.

The first Sabbath school was held in the home of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Stewart, June, 4, 1911.

The first boy born on the tract was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Morris, Dec. 5, 1911 named Carl Albert Morris.

The first girl born on the tract was the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. George Speer, named Evelyn Speer born on May 11, 1911.

The first twins born to Yorba Linda were daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pickering, named Caroline and Elinore, born Oct. 2, 1912.

The first American Flag that ever floated over Yorba Linda, floated from a flag pole on a small barn owned by Nathan Brooks on Lot 69, Main St. Yorba Linda, May 30, 1911. The flag belonged to a little boy named Edwin Brooks, who had received the same as a reward for a list of subscribers to the Christian Herald.

Decoration Day was first observed in Yorba Linda, May, 30, 1912. A picnic in charge of the Women’s Federation was held under the wide spreading acacia tree in the yard at the Old Olinda ranch house. An account of the day may be found by referring to the records of that organization.

The post office was first located in a general merchandise store owned by H. C. Pullen of San Bernardino on Lot . . . of Yorba Linda town site. His commission went into effect Aug. 1, 1912, but the office was not formally opened until Aug. 20, 1912. The mail was first received from Placentia twice a day, but in a short time was sent by way of the Pacific Electric from Los Angeles. When Mr. Pullen sold the store, the post office was moved into the hardware store owned by Mr. Buckmaster, where Miss Esther Buckmaster took charge until Miss Jones received her appointment.

The first package sent by Parcel Post from the Yorba Linda post office was a hat that was lost in the wind storm Christmas night 1913. The hat belonged to Mrs. J. L. De Witt and was sent to her by her mother, Mrs. Lillian Quigley, Jan. 3, 1913.

The first package received by Parcel Post was for Mrs. G. C. Kinsman. It was an Australian plant from the nursery, owned by the famous florist, Miss Kate Sessions Jan. 6, 1913.

The first blacksmith shop was built by Mr. Merlin Quigley in the spring of 1912 on Lots . . . . He had as his partner, Mr. White.

The first lumber yard was placed on the right of way by the San Pedro Lumber Co. and Mr. Buckmaster of Whittier was the manager. The first house pattern was sold to G. C. Kinsman.

The first hardware and implement store was owned and operated by Mr. Buckmaster.

The first real estate office was built at the foot of Main St., the agents being Joseph Vanstrum and Collins.

The first residence built on the town site was that of Mr. Nathan Brooks on Lot 135 in the spring of 1912.

The arrival of the women on the tract was as follows.

Mrs. Conley

Mrs. Corbit

Mrs. Elizabeth Houston

Mrs. Royal

Mrs. Speer

Mrs. Brooks

Mrs. Trueblood

The Pacific Telephone and Electric Co. put their services on the tract in the summer of 1911.

The Edison Electric Co. installed their service in the town and surrounding homes during the years of 1912 and 1913.