Food for Fines

The Yorba Linda Public Library’s Food For Fines program runs November 1  – December 16, 2017.  You can donate online from the link below, or bring canned goods in to the library.  The virtual Food Drive program, run through the Community Action Partnership of Orange County Food Bank, allows you to donate food without the work of bringing in canned goods to the library.  If you are donating to clear fines from your library card, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow:

The Yorba Linda Public Library will waive $1.00 in overdue fines for 2 cans of non-perishable food, up to $10.00 per account.

A $10.00 donation through the virtual food drive will allow you a waiver of up to $40.00 in library fines. A $20.00 donation through the virtual food drive will allow you a waiver of $41.00+ in library fines.

Food for Fines Terms and Conditions

  1. Fines waived on the account must have already been assessed. This means if you still have overdue items on your account accruing new fines, those will not be included in the waiver.  All overdue items have to be returned and checked-in for all the fines to be waived.
  2. For your fines to be waived, you must show proof of receipt from the food bank. Bring this receipt, either printed or on your phone,  in to the library with your library card, and a clerk will waive the fines on your account.
    1. We will return your receipt to you once a clerk has initialed and dated it. Receipts may only be used once, for one account only.  Receipts are non-transferable and non-reusable.
    2. If your donation is more than the fines on your account warrants, no credit will be issued for the extra.
  3. The Food For Fines program may only be applied to overdue fines. We will not waive any fees related to A) Damaged items, B) Lost items, C) Collections Accounts, D) Rental fees for DVDs or reserve items.
  4. If you do not have any fines on your account, but would still like to donate to a good cause, please click the link below. All donations are greatly appreciated.  You do not have to bring a receipt to the library if you do not have any fines on your account.
  5. No receipts accepted after end date of the program. Program ends Saturday, December 16, 2017. Food for Fines program subject to change without notice.

To process you donation, please click here.