SCORE OC- Email and Social Media Marketing That Gets Results

Learn how to leverage a very valuable list you already have and how to extend your reach to an online audience.
Email Marketing and Social Media are a must do for your online marketing. They get results. Email marketing delivers a powerful punch to those who want to hear from you. Social Media Marketing is also a very powerful way to stay top-of-mind with potential customers and influencers and create awareness. We will look at Facebook and other social media, as well as best practices, show real world examples and discuss strategies that get results for business and non-profits.

Mj and Dave, a brother and sister team, own HUTdogs and have been teaching businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs about online marketing for over 15 years. HUTdogs is a creative services agency providing social media marketing and advertising, email marketing, graphic design, coaching and training. We focus on the Art of Promotion – where strategy, creativity and communication comes together to get results.

David Finstrom and his sister, Merri Jill (A.K.A. MJ), are the owners of HUTdogs, a creative services firm located in Southern California. HUTdogs helps businesses and non-profits present their brand, tell their story and promote their products and services both online and off.

HUTdogs focuses on strategy, creativity and communication to help its clients market their businesses and organizations.

As educators and speakers, HUTdogs has delivered hundreds of live presentations and trainings to thousands of attendees in Southern California and the South West as well as presenting to global audiences via webinars. They are known for their Facebook and Constant Contact trainings, which focus on results oriented real-world strategies.

Provided in partnership in ScoreOC.