Star Wars

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Start your Jedi training by downloading all Star Wars crafts, games, and activities here or for a more specialized training experience, select individual activities below.

Death Star Toss (download)
Destroy the Death Star by damaging the exhaust port!

Target Practice (download)
Practice your aim at some unsuspecting stormtroopers!

Jedi Training (download)
Set up your own Jedi training obstacle course!

Lightsaber Skills (download)
Every good Jedi must practice using their lightsaber!

Rescue Han Solo Science (download)
Help save Han Solo from carbonite with this science experiment!

Yoda Ears and Leia Hair (download)
Dress the part! Create your own Yoda ears and Leia hair.

BB-8 Plate (download)
Let’s get crafty and build BB-8!

Chewbacca Puppet (download)
WUUAHAHHHAAAAA! Design a Chewbacca puppet!

Ewoks (download)
Create your own Ewok army!

Darth Vader Bookmark (download)
Design your own Darth Vader bookmark!

X-Wing Origami (download)
Create your starship to fight with the Rebel Alliance!

Defeat the Death Star Maze (download)
Help Luke defeat the Death Star by flying through this maze!

Star Wars Characters Word Search (download)
Search for your favorite characters in this galaxy of letters!

I Spy With My Jedi Eye (download)
Can you spy these characters and symbols?

Star Wars Bingo (download)
Play bingo with your whole family using this Star Wars bingo set!

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Star Wars Program Kit

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