Teen Film Festival

Thank you to all our participants for entering this year’s Teen Film Fest.

The People’s Choice Award voting commences Monday, February 21 and closes on Saturday, February 26.

Please use the voting form at the bottom of this page to vote for your top pick!

The Scooby Killer by Finley Lacher, Kennedy Conrad, and Natalie Dalton

The Stalking by Josh Thompson, Hailey Shewman, and Julian Bautista

Redwood by Nate Tierney, Dominic DiCarlo, and Emilio Rivas

The Trash Monster by Micah Lee, Daniel Cirata, and Gustavo Jardon

Death Tag by Lacey Mortensen, Abbey Lucas, and Alexis Rash

A Christmas Murder by Taylor Singh, Presley Waterworth and Kaitlyn De Tevis

Truth or Dare by Makala Jones, Evangeline Do, Allie Ottaviano, and Gesa Frank

Bob Ross’s Wild Adventure by Ashlyn Pugh, Drew Jarvi, and Amy Cornelius

The Missing People of Ghoul’s Town by Bailey Padilla, Sophia Smith and Reese Hernandez

12:00 A.M. by Lola Hinderliter, Alyssa Madrid, Morgan Moch, Lola Hinderliter, Alyssa Madrid,

and Morgan Moch

Spider-Man by Ethan Goodman, Tanner Goodman, and Jacob Goodman

The Haunting of the 300 Building by Fernando Nunez, Keegan Chung

Byms got talent by Paige Selof,Chelsey Natividad, Mason Gillespie, London Piña, Tyler Song,

Nicholas Sosa, and Gavin Hartzheim

Love or Not by Marissa Ferra

Z-Fone Advertisement by Jasmine Ho, Maxine Trigg, Blair Habbestad

Spring Festival by Vivian Lin

The whole process of a person’s weight loss by Vivian Lin

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