M2 Lab: Media & Memory Lab

The Yorba Linda Public Library is pleased to now offer the M2 LAB: Media & Memory Lab. Whether you are a student working on a school project, a business person looking to design publicity, a genealogist recording your family history, or a creative individual looking to expand their skills, the M2 Lab is here to meet your needs.

The M2 Lab offers 2 iMAC computers complete with specialized software, an Audio-Technica Turntable for digitizing records, an Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner for digitizing photos, and a VHS to DVD converter for digitizing home movies.

Software available in the M2 Lab includes: Acrobat Pro/Standard, Technical Communication Suite, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Contribute, Adobe Director, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Font Folio, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe FreeHand, Adobe PageMaker Plus, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photoshop and Premiere Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Presenter/Presenter Video Express, Adobe RoboHelp, Makerbot Makerware, Unity Game Development, LibreOffice, iPhoto, iMovies, & Garage Band.

Usage Guidelines

  1. Users can make a 4 hour reservation (with extended time permitted if no one else is waiting) to use a M2 Lab computer by speaking to a staff member. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after they are scheduled to begin and will be considered canceled at that time. Only one reservation can be made, per day.
  2. All general behavioral guidelines for the Library apply, specifically, the Library Use Policy and Internet Use Policy.
  3. Food and drink are not permitted in the M2 Lab at any time.
  4. Customers using the M2 Lab for audio projects must use headphones. Headphone volume must be such that other customers will not be disturbed.
  5. The workspace area of the M2 Lab is reserved for customers using M2 Lab software or who are working on digital media projects (videos, music, websites, photo editing, scanning). Users who want to browse the Internet or use Microsoft Office products should use the public computers in other areas of the building.
  6. Users will be assigned to a specific computer based on their project needs. When making an appointment, customers should inform staff of their specific hardware and software requirements.
  7. Saving work on M2 Lab computers is not recommended. Users should save their work on an external memory source. CDs and flash drives are sold at the Check-Out Desk. The Library is not responsible for any work that is unsaved, corrupted, or altered in the M2 Lab.
  8. M2 Lab users with large files must save, export or transfer large projects to external devices prior to closing. Allow ample time to save, export, transfer large files, or process your files. The M2 Lab will close no later than 30 minutes prior to Library closing times.
  9. M2 Lab users may not install or download software or upgrades. For help or to suggest software, downloads and upgrades, please see Library Staff.
  10. M2 Lab procedures are subject to periodic review and change at library staff discretion.